Lawn Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

When it comes to grass, almost everyone dreams of a lush, green lawn, one that you can run through and feel like you’re running on a plush carpet. The reality is, not everyone has this type of lawn. However, there are some easy to follow lawn maintenance tips that can help anyone have a more attractive lawn.

Consider a fresh start

If the lawn is very patchy and in poor condition, it may be best to start fresh. For instant beauty, sod is the best way to go. However, this is also the most expensive option. Seed takes a bit longer, but it’s much less expensive.

Food and water are a must

A healthy, beautiful lawn requires both food and water. Water is especially essential during the beginnings of a new lawn. Water well, and water often or sod and seed will not take. Once the lawn is established make sure that it gets enough water throughout the spring, and summer, and even into the fall.

Sharpen those mower blades

It’s important to have the lawn mower properly maintained. Blades that aren’t sharpened don’t work well and can cause a lot of harm to the lawn. Don’t ignore this important task, take the blades to be sharpened each year.

Don’t mow so low

If the lawn appears to be turning brown or yellow, the setting could be too low on the mower. Raise the mower up so the grass it not cut so low. This is especially important during the hot weather months.


Start the growing season off right by fertilizing the lawn each spring. The lawn will grow better and be healthier when you do. Early April is a great time to do this.

Don’t skip edging

While edging the lawn won’t help the grass grow better, it will make the entire yard look better. Edging gives the area a neat and finished look. If you don’t usually edge, try it and see the difference that it can make.

Follow each of the above tips and see how much better your lawn looks. Feeding, watering, and proper lawn mowing will help anyone be on their way to a healthier and more beautiful lawn.